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Erik celebrated his daughters, Jaycie and Jenna, with a 9'x12' portrait of them at the International Chalk Festival in Venice, Fla.

Meet the artist 

Erik's passion for chalk art began more than a decade ago in the driveway of his suburban Pittsburgh home, when his then-toddler-aged daughters, Jaycie and Jenna, first asked him to draw Mickey, Cinderella, Elmo and Eeyore. Those young art directors were very demanding and wanted more and more elaborate pieces. Erik soon became known as "The Chalking Dad" among his neighbors.

Today, Erik — who in real life is a Certified Public Accountant working in corporate finance — is also a certified "master" chalk artist in the Florida Chalk Artist Association. He participates in street painting festivals around the world, where he joins other artists in creating large-scale, elaborate chalk drawings over several days. Erik especially enjoys drawing portraits of celebrities and sports heroes. Make sure you check out his event schedule.

Erik is available to chalk for your next event — whether it's a street painting festival, a corporate launch party, a chalk workshop, a wedding, a store grand opening or even to help you ask a date to the prom (yes, he's done that, too!) Among his previous clients:

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