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Eleven warriors, brave and bold

3-D Brutus outside the Shoe.

​​It's been my honor over the last few years to chalk a number of Buckeye-related pieces -- none more so than in November 2016 when Lori Hughes (Instagram | Facebook) and I had the privilege of chalking this 3D Brutus outside the Rotunda of the Shoe before the Nebraska game. It was an amazing experience seeing Brutus up on the scoreboard that night, and to watch as thousands of fans took their picture with him before and after the game. We even got some nice TV coverage on WBNS-10TV that weekend.

With the Buckeyes getting ready to take on the USC Trojans this Friday in the Cotton Bowl, I thought I'd share some Buckeye-related chalk art from over the years. Go Bucks!

Buck-I-Guy forms the "O."

Buck-I-Guy joined Brutus, Lori and me in spelling out O-H-I-O before the game.

Ohio State marching band

The theme for Chalk the Block 6 at Easton Town Center in September 2017 was "Icons." What better way for Lori and me to celebrate that then with a tribute to The Best Damned Band In The Land, The Ohio State University Marching Band? On a whim, I emailed drum major John Lavange to see if he'd come by and pose with the chalked version of himself; lucky for us, the Buckeyes were on the road that weekend against Rutgers and he was free -- giving us the shot at seeing the back-bend up close!

Buckeye super fans.

In September 2016, Lori and I celebrated Buckeye super fans Buck-I-Guy and Big Nut at Easton's Chalk the Block 5. Here, my older daughter gives us an "O" -- for which I endured much grief at home since my wife is a Penn State fan (Boo!)

And what collection of Ohio State images would be complete without a tribute to the one and only Woody Hayes, shown here at Easton's Chalk the Block 4 in September 2015.


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